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   Virtual Office and Answering Service Global Business Solution                                                                        Voice Processing - Since 1986


Save Money and Time and Simplify your Business!


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Save Money and Time with the Freedom series of Virtual Office Solutions.  FreedomVoice gives you the ability to be reached anywhere in the world virtually - without being tied to a location or office.

The FreedomVoice Virtual Office Products can meet most of your communication needs. You may be able to eliminate fax machines, phone systems, answering services and even physical office space.  A virtual office attendant could be your answer to streamlining and rightsizing your business. 

A Recap - A Virtual Office System allows you to:

* Save on your monthly costs from local phone carriers.
* May eliminate the need for expensive equipment like fax machines.
* Save space and maintenance time on equipment you may no longer need!
* Eliminate services.
* Simplify your life.
* Exude a more professional image.

Here are just a few of the benefits some of our customers have seen:

  • Your Virtual Office could take the place of your leased office space. For the truly virtual entrepreneur that prefers to travel versus being tied to an office, imagine never having to lease office space again.

  • Potential cost savings on in-house and/or outsourced staff

  • Replace your "live" answering service with our virtual service and save money; gain more visibility into your business; get a professional and consistent response; eliminate human errors of misrouted or ignored calls.

  • Use less paper by receiving and sending faxes via email

  • Save money on purchases of expensive physical phone systems that are problematic, need maintenance and programming and that soon become out-of-date

  • Keep a permanent record of voice messages.  Save your MP3 format messages as long as you like.

  • Voice and fax messages can be retrieved via email.  You will have the ability to check your phone or fax messages on your hand held PDA or laptop from anywhere that you have internet access.  No more checking the fax machine or checking in with the office.

Managing communication is becoming increasingly difficult.  Finding cost-effective and reliable products to achieve this goal is vital to your business.

Our Virtual Office Products let you route your regular business line to a central office, where a sophisticated auto-attendant system will take your calls, try to find you ("follow me"), and forward the call; or take a message and email it or save it for later retrieval.

Who can benefit from this service?

Freedom Voice is perfect for practitioners, property managers, global consultants who aim to live in the cloud technologically, and any business needing a more efficient and professional way of handling their communications. In addition:

  • Home-based businesses that need an 800 or Toll Free phone number and voicemail answering service to handle incoming and off-hours calls.

  • International and offshore businesses that would like to receive domestic voice messages and faxes via email.

  • Domestic, Canadian and Virgin Islands businesses that need unified messaging to receive voice and fax messages by email or a virtual office.

  • Global consultants needing a "follow me" phone service and messaging via email in an MP3 format.

  • Real Estate agents

  • Those needing a more economical toll-free number service.

  • Those offices that require answering services who need more accuracy and visibility into calls.

  • Home Offices requiring follow-me phone services for WAP, email and voicemail message delivery.

For as little as $9.95 a month (+) you can have a personal automated assistant that will work with your existing phones, pagers, cell phones, and fax machines to provide an amazing productivity boost and more sophisticated presence.

Click here for a comparison of the FreedomStart, FreedomEdge, FreedomSuite and AdTrakker systems.

Additional Products by VINFO

Voice Processing Tools for Dialogic Systems

1998 Computer Telephony Best of Show TeleConnect Editor's ChoiceComputer Telephony 1998 Product of The Year Dialogic Platinum Partner 

Create great sounding voice files for your Computer Telephony Systems with VFEdit® and Audio ToolBox. Our products work with Dialogic and Dialogic compatible as well as computer telephony sound systems using ADPCM, Mu-law, A-law and other encoding formats

VFEdit® handles sound file formats for Dialogic, NMS, Intervoice and CTI voice systems employing ADPCM, CCITT A-law, Mu-law,  PCM and even WAV or CVSD formats. The sound files are used in computer telephony tools by Dialogic, NMS, Nortel, Intervoice, IBM Directalk, Bicom systems and NewVoice, Elan, as well as Rockwell and OKI. These formats are used by Philips, Voicetek, Microlog CTI systems, the PhoneBlaster, the Apex Omnivox CTI tool, Parity's VOS and many voice processing platforms.

These CTI sound file formats are used for audiotex or voice-mail, IVR and Call Center applications on cards by Dialogic, NMS, hardware from Nortel or Intervoice, IBM Directalk and Bicom, by Newvoice and Elan, Rockwell, even OKI. The Philips, the Voicetek generations, the Microlog intela call centers, the phoneblaster or Apex and Parity tools are supported.

Click to learn more about our VFEdit Professional Prompt Editor® and Audio ToolBox products.

Vector Information Systems, Inc. has been supplying solutions to the telephone industry for over 20 years. Visit our corporate business portal at

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